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Why Join Cool Insurance Group, LLC?

We want you to consider the idea of joining our company. If you do not know us, we are one of the largest, if not THE largest Humana retailer in the state of Kentucky. We have more than 30 highly skilled, educated, professional agents that are second to none. We specialize in all forms of insurance and financial planning products and serve 1000’s of clients in Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Texas, Arizona, and the Carolinas.


Today Cool Insurance Group, LLC is led by Claudia Bird and Timothy Chancellor. Both are experienced, capable leaders and we are so lucky to have each of them.

We represent most insurers, but each agent can make their own decision about whom they wish to represent, based upon their personal beliefs about each company. We truly are independent to pick and chose who we believe in to represent. We also are allowed to chose how we conduct ourselves professionally. Decisions about where we wish to do business, the kind of business we wish to do, and how we chose to do it, is left up to us. No one stands over our shoulder telling us we need to sell anything, ever. Our focus is ALWAYS on our clients and their needs; not ours.

We currently have access to and represent more than 70 insurers, including our top partners listed on the side of this page.

What do we have to offer?

  • The best people in the business. Meet some of our agents by going HERE!

  • The top compensation in the industry. No agents are paid more as an agent by Medicare. We earn their top compensation plan.

  • The best support in complicated times. Our agents have access to:

    • Zoho CRM– one of the two top CRMs in the world. This tool is our backbone for our individual practices. With complete privacy, we teach you the application, support you, and are right there beside you every step of the way as you implement this solution into your practice.
    • Virtual Meeting Rooms– We have partnered with the top online meeting service provider in the world (for the last 15 years) to provide each agent with access to a tool that is just simply a game changer during these troubling times (“Coronavirus”).
    • SMS Text Messaging– We provide you will the ability to do SMS text marketing and client management through our texting partner (SMS is one of the best ways to reach your clients. Better than email, direct mail, or telephone)
    • Agent Profiling & Agent Authoring– We help you create your brand through extensive agent profiles. You can literally have your own website within our website to point your clients. We help you with design, setup, implementation. And through our authoring platform we can help you further your brand by showing the world that you are an expert at what you do.

With all these great tools, we believe you will have the opportunity, no matter who you are, to take your financial services career to the next level; a higher level. However there is more. We will be offering sales incentives to help you cover your business expenses, access to insurer leads (in many cases), and possibly even sales and training trips to exotic locations.

For more information about becoming a Cool Insurance Group, LLC partner, contact Timothy Chancellor through email at He and Claudia would love to talk to you, invite you in, and talk about what your needs are.

We hope you will come join us.


The Management of the Cool Insurance Group, LLC
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