Welcome to Cool Insurance Group!

What do you need to be happy in life?

  • You need to know that your family is safe and protected. Of course.
  • Earning MoreYou need to know that if you became ill, you won’t lose everything you have worked for in life. Certainly.
  • You need to know that when you are gone, your’s assets will be distributed according to your wishes. For sure.

Most of the people we help used to have these same concerns. At Cool Insurance Group, we advise you how to address and plan out how to protect your family, your assets, and your legacy.

At first glance, we might look like a bunch of stuffy, business people. Well, what you cannot see in our pictures is who we are are. We are just people, like everyone else. We are single moms, single dads, golfers, attorneys, healthcare professionals, executive recruiters, farmers, managers, people that love dogs, and people that love cats. But, we know what we are doing when it comes to financial planning.

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