Zoho Testimonials

Here is what our agents say about Zoho.

Frank Miller, Jr.Cool Insurance Group

I'm glad that I got over my hesitancy to commit to a business management system. New is good. Zoho is good! I've found that Zoho is built to carry out many of my "mental plans" for doing more and better business, which I had schemed about in my mind, but had never put into action.

Thanks, Claudia, Timothy and Todd.

I have been using Zoho since 2012. I created our database for John Bird and have used it as a framework for my practice all this time.

  • Zoho has amazing features, and my practice is second to none for organization I would surmise.
  • Zoho has made me money. It has given me ways to keep up with my clients I would not have imagined. It has kept me on the map to see them all, each year. And, I have a system using the tool to make sure our incomes do not fall into the cracks.
  • Zoho is not perfect. It's international. 150,000 companies use it in more than 100 countries. They do not always get how Americans think about business. BUT, I would estimate that Zoho has given me more value than I could ever begin to place a price tag on.

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