We can meet with you in our virtual office.

Many of our highly skilled, experienced, trained agents have their own virtual office. Simply find your agent’s profile in our agent section, and look for their GoToMeeting certification logo. If they have it, then it will mean they have their own virtual office for the public, or, can schedule a private meeting in a room where only you and they have access. This is the best option for Annual Election Period reviews.

You need only 4 things;

  • an email address,
  • a phone, computer, or tablet with an internet connection,
  • a microphone and speakers (is highly advantageous),
  • and, a quiet peaceful environment to hold your meeting.

You do not need a camera. It’s nice if you have one but not a requirement.

If a Virtual Meeting is not an options, then try a telephone call.

Click HERE to learn about how we can meet by phone.