Beginners GTM Training / Recorded Video



  • Cool Insurance Group, LLC Integration

    • CIG Brand – Move t Virtual Platform. Phone and Face-2-face is fine, virtual is new and also a great tool.
    • YOUR Broker Profile – This is a static meeting room. This one you can just leave on all the time, and then set individual rooms for scheduled meetings with clients.


  • Setting Up your GTM account

    • Set Your Password – Use the password “Coolinsurance1” when you accept the invitation.
    • Confirm your email address.
    • Wait for Todd – I will set up your static room and tie it to CIG website.
  • Use Google Chrome for Best Results / Google Calendar for Ease

    • GTM has a wonderful integration with Google calendar through Googles extension. Add the extension in your Google Chrome browser and when you schedule a meeting, it will be so easy.
    • For Zohoholics, the meeting will show up in your calendar.
  • Scheduling a Meeting in GoToMeeting

    • Setting Up Rooms in
      • Static vs. Dynamic Meetings – You have both.
  • Scheduling a Client Meeting Using Google Calendar (The best way)

    • “+” a Meeting or “Create a Meeting” in GTM
      • Allow 1 1/2 hours for a meeting. T65 – Give 2 or 2 1/2 hours.
      • In the meeting, stay on topic
    • Add Client Details
      • Name – Telephone Number
      • Click the GTM link. It will finish the body of the meeting.
      • It will create a unique meeting ID which will create a private meeting room for you and your client.
      • Invite your client to the meeting by email.
        • Tell them to click “yes” they will be attending.
        • Tell them to click the link in the email and that will bring them into the meeting at the time of the meeting. Tell them to “connect via web” if given the option and to be sure to connect to the audio. Tell them to look for the “mic”, “speakers”, and “camera” options at the bottom of their screen in the center. that is where they will select if they want to have their audio on, and camera shared.
      • Send the mail
    • Teach your client – based upon their technical comfort level
      • Handhold


  • Starting a Meeting in GoToMeeting

    • Go to your dashboard
    • View your meeting schedule there.
    • Open the meeting appoint, click “start meeting”
    • Turn on your mic, camera, and screenshare.
  • Begin/Running Your Meeting

    • Chat Tool

    • Meeting Etiquette

      • Tell client “Mute yourself if you are not speaking – if there is background noise.” if there are multiple participants.
      • In one-on-one meetings you will probably not need “chat” unless they have no microphone. You can always do the audio by regular phone, but audio will not make it into a recording that way.
      • Ask your attendee if they can see your screen.
    • Running a Meeting

      • Record – Click the record button. You will hear a message “this meeting is now being recorded”. Introduce the attendees, date, time, and then do your presentation
      • Cover your material. Take it slow. Don’t bounce around between screens too much.
    • Ending Your Meeting

      • State you are ending the recording, click to end the recording. You will hear a message that says “This meeting is no longer being recorded.”


  • You will receive an email with a link to your recording. In Zoho, save that link to your clients record. Save that email in a folder as well.

For help, contact Todd Oldfield, 859.654.0120 x1001 or email or chat me a message in our Zoho