Our Cool Tools

Over the coming weeks we will be implementing some various tools, including a more functional website, Zoho, and various other items. We have a remarkable suite of tools we are developing for our agents. This is all being provided and paid for by Cool Insurance Group, LLC to help us develop and organize and grow our businesses.

These tools include;

Zoho CRM

Zoho is our relational CRM program for the company. It’s highly functional. We use this program or application as our agent backbone system. Our email, communications, training, client information, policies, activities and everything it takes to manage our client relationships is handled through Zoho CRM.

Author Postings on www.coolinsurancegroup.com

In addition to Zoho, we are also going to help you create your brand and improve your professional credibility by giving you a system to show off your knowledge, share your tips, testimonials, and story. We want you to show the world what an expert you are at what you do.

To set up your posting pages, we need only the information listed above. With this information we will create author login credentials so that you can begin writing expert subject matter on topics that interest you.

Quoting Systems

We also have third party quoting systems for medicare supplements, term life insurance, final expense insurance, ACA, and others. We will teach you how to use these systems.

Virtual Meeting Rooms

This is very cool. Imagine during AEP being able to meet with clients without ever leaving your office. Either audio only or audio/video/screen share options to meet their need. All they need is an internet connection. Sure, it might not help with many clients, but how many do you have that can handle a little technology. What if you could take just that group, meet with them for an hour at a time, and accomplish everything that you can right now by driving to see them. How many could you do per day? At an hour per, you could review and advise clients and close their cases, each one of them. Could you do 10-12 appointments per day like that during AEP? How many do you do now?

This is state of the art. This is us setting ourselves apart from the competition. While everyone else is trying to see people face to face, we can deliver a better solution and serve the client.

To start all these processes off, please sent the needed information above, as soon as possible. Training begins every other week through the end of July. Check the calendar for the next start cycle. This is a very robust application with tons of features. What I am finding is that really it takes a couple weeks to get people acclimated to how and what it does. Training consists of week 1, which is typically 5 days of training, 3 hours per day. There is homework each night. From there, based upon what you get done, we will have one on one sessions through each week for a few weeks. I will back up initial training with weekly meetings on Mondays where people can just come in and we can have open discussions and I will be happy to answer additional questions. All training and meetings are doing on line in our CIG meeting room. The link to the meeting room can be found HERE!