Navigation Changes For CIG Agents on

Hello there all. This is going out to all our Cool Insurance agents! I have made a lot of changes to our website this weekend including;

  1. In order to view the training section and training pages and the training videos, you must be logged into the CIG website, which means you must have an account on the website. Right now, only 6 or 7 people have login accounts. I need to set up a login account for each of you. The cool thing is this will also be where you will edit your profile and post articles such as this if you wish as well. Please send me an email to with;
    • A username
    • A password
    • and your email address obviously.
  2. I have been working on streamlining our menu bars. The “top bar” is geared for potential and existing agents. More content will go there, including links to Zoho, GTM, Twilio, and our other tools. We will also maintain a documents download here as well as in Zoho.
  3. “Top Bar” has a line to our company Google calendar and CIG Meeting room. This is where all online company meetings can be found.
  4. The Main navigation is geared towards clients. Obviously there are links to various pages. The section I am more proud of are the broker pages, quoting engines, and our COVID-19 page.
  5. The right side bar has our insurers, and our Facebook page. Please LIKE us on Facebook.

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