Our COVID-19 Meeting Solution!

Each year, Cool Insurance Group, LLC, through it’s 30+ licensed and appointed agents, serves 1,000’s of Kentucky and West Virginia clients age 65+. This is our family. We love them as such. Sadly, our nation is currently at war with a deadly virus and none of us know what is going to be the long term outlook of this war. Because of that we just do not know where our society is going to be come October, when our family has to take a stop; take a moment; and make a decision about their Medicare for 2021.

So, we are making decisions, and working on strategy for our Cool Agents and clients. You need to see us this year just like every year. We need to see you. We want to serve you. And we know your history and your case. We are proud to serve you. The question is, what do we do? The thought is; we need a “Plan B” in the event that during open enrollment this fall, it may not be possible to see every client in a face to face meeting. We just may not be able.

This does not mean we cannot do the exact same work for you that we do every year. We still can and we will. We will be offering three options for meeting with you this fall.


We are right now implementing, a solution to the problem of “how do we meet with you”, should we not be able to safely. Our company has chosen a technology partner, GoToMeeting.com to provide this solution to our clients and agents. GoToMeeting.com has been around for a long, long time and is hands-down the most advanced and reliable communication platform on the planet.

And, it is very simple to use. This is the BEST solution to meet Medicare guidelines.

In the coming months, your agent will be contacting you about this option to determine if it is right for you. A virtual meeting is almost exactly the same as a face-to-face meeting.


This option is not a good as our vitural meeting solution, but if you are not comfortable with technology or have easy access to the internet, this is the next best thing.

A telephone call solution is the equivalent of what you see advertised all over television every year with one exception. You will notice the television commercials that run over and over encourage you to call into a “1-800” number and talk to one of their agents. Inevitably their people will nearly always want to switch your plan because they are probably compensated to do so. That’s a horrible option for you. We recommend that you NEVER call into a “1-800” number. They only want to switch your plan.

Conversely, your Cool Insurance Group independent, licensed agent already knows your case. He or she will call you at a pre-selected time and go over ALL your options, including staying put for another year in the plan you have now. Remember, we represent ALL the companies and we have no incentive to make changes in your case unless it is in YOUR BEST INTEREST. We are your agent!


If you and your agent to still meet face-to-face, then that option will be there for you. IF we come to see you, count on us being gloved and masked for your and our protection. This is the most risky option of course, and probably the not the best option, but we will always be there for you and will be happy to come, if that is the only way to serve you.


View your agents profile by going HERE! Simply search for them by name. In their profile find his personal contact information, and find the link to his/her own online meeting room.