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Why Join Cool?

Why join Cool Insurance Group? For me, that's best explained by giving the reader some background on myself. When I first became licensed to sell insurance about 11 years ago, I was initially with 2 different companies / agencies - one bad, the other REALLY bad; Like they were doing very unethical stuff-bad. Unfortunately, you see some of that from time to time in this industry. Long(ish) story shorter, I went from working with lousy people and struggling financially, to flourishing and getting involved with a group of people who were cool.

Really Cool.

So, what does it mean to be cool? For me, it's cool having owners that actually (really) care about me. They care about me financially, but more important, personally. It's about being involved with a group of people who do things right, who don't cut corners. People who operate both ethically and with a high morality bar. It's about jumping in and really helping when you have an issue or problem.  And they allow my depraved sense of humor.

I came on with Cool Insurance shortly after John Bird and his wife Claudia started the business several years ago.  Since that time, my business has grown consistently each year. Over the years, I've developed a great respect and love for John (his passing was really hard on all of us that knew him), his wife Claudia and their son Timothy. They are just awesome people that I care very deeply for.

Now that's cool......

Will Isaac

Willy Fogle

It is a pleasure working at Cool Insurance Group. It truly is like a family with Claudia and Timothy. John Bird laid the groundwork for a company that places the emphasis on doing business right and it continues today. I would tell anyone that is interested in selling Health Insurance to Seniors they should join Cool.

Michael Todd OldfieldMichael Todd Oldfield

Well, when John Bird and I met in 2013, he put a big pitch on me to join CIG. He said I would only have to work 3 months per year (mostly) which was amazing being that I have spent the last 10 years taking care of my mom. I met some of the brokers, Claudia, and I decided to take him up on his offer.

Joining CIG was the BEST DECISION of my life, professionally. Every year my income has grown at a healthy rate, John, Claudia, and Timothy have followed through on every promise they ever made to me. They have supported me and now they are adding a whole host of tools to help me grow my business.

Claudia, especially, has just been more than a blessing. I adore this woman. She is a friend and I just want to hug her every day and say to her thank you.