Big Changes on

Top Menu Bar

  1. Agent recruiting section – Why join? – Top Bar location
  2. Testimonials page for potential recruitees – Please leave me a testimonial on how CIG has bettered your life and what CIG means to you.
  3. training tab
  4. Agent tab that shows all the cool tools we have to offer agents.
  5. A place for prospective agents to register.
  6. A listing our ongoing training classes
  7. A listing of Zoho testimonials.

Then the main site has the following changes;

  1. Our Brokers Section – Very cool. Check it out.
  2. Quotes Section – coming along nicely. Check it out.
  3. Creating a COVID-19 plan. Very proud of this one.
  4. A Client Testimonials section.
  5. Robust Contact Us

We also have an Expert Author section on the site. This place will feature our top agents/brokers/experts as they write and build their brands.


More coming.

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